The Snake River (2012)

800 river miles by kayak, from the Yellowstone-Teton park border near the headwaters to the end of the free-flowing river at Lewiston, Idaho

  • Many laborious portages past dams and a handful of Class V rapids
  • Challenging paddling through numerous rapids, strong headwinds, and occasional 6' waves
  • Continued despite multiple losses of equipment


Tianjin, China to St. Petersburg, Russia (2011)

5,000 coast-to-coast road miles by bicycle from the Yellow Sea to the Baltic Sea

  • 5,000 road miles (paved and unpaved) in 11 weeks
  • True coast-to-coast route across Eurasia
  • Rough hills and desert terrain of rural Mongolia
  • Numerous bouts of travel sickness
  • Considerable language barriers
  • Getting lost


Land's End, England to John O'Groats, Scotland (2007)

1,000 road miles by bicycle, from Land's End England to John O'Groats, Scotland

  • 1,000 road miles in two weeks
  • Continued with broken front shifter
  • Painful groin strain


The Yukon River (2013)

2,000 river miles by kayak, from the headwaters in Yukon Territory, Canada to where it empties into the Bering Sea in Alaska

  • Blazed a path through still-melting lake ice
  • Daily food cravings
  • Faced the boredom of a big, calm river